CleanAHull Quad

The CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling protection system utilizes industry leading technology and the latest in-house developed transducer technology. By emitting multiple very specific frequency bursts through a vast range of frequencies, the system protects the hull from algae growth and barnacles.

The CleanAHull Solution comes in 2 models:
CleanAHull Quad - 4 Transducers for Hull Protection up to 50 ft. depending on configuration.  Just add 2 or 4 Transducer Systems for additional needs. 
CleanAHull Dual - 2 Transducers for smaller boats, flexibility, and discrete equipment - such as Rudders - Stabilizers - Thrusters - etc.

CleanAHull Dual

The CleanAHull Package Contents includes:
 -  1 x CleanAHull Quad control Module with 5m Battery Cable
 -  2 x Transducer Mounting Footprints  (4 x for the Quad System)
 -  2 x Ultrasonic Transducers each with 10m of cable  (4 x for the Quad System)
 -  1 x JB-Weld Bonding Epoxy Adhesive
 -  1 x Loctite 515
 -  1 x Installation Instructions / Manual Booklet
 -  1 x In-Line Fuse Holder
 -  1 x Package of spare fuses

Value Proposition
  Savings Pays for System in less than 1 year (for typical install)

  • Prevents Algae - Barnacle - Weed Growth
  • Saves Money on Hull Divers Cleaning
  • Extends Paint Life and Haul Out Intervals
  • Saves Fuel and Extends Range
  • Increases Speed and Improves Handling
  • Antifouling for Drives - Water Intakes - Sea Chests
  • Green Technology - Protects Environment
  • Improves Quality of Life - More Boat Usage - Less Headaches


Cruisers 5000
Sarasota, Florida

It is not often you find a product that you want to rave about, but I have found one. I installed the Ultra-SoniTec CleanAHull System and I have not had to clean the bottom once in the nine months since it was installed.
The savings in fuel, paying a diver, and haul out, more than pays for the equipment. Simple to install, maintenance free, and cost efficient.

Michael Cuttler

Odyssey 55 ft. Norhavn
Sarasota, Florida

It is now five weeks since the installation and I am extremely pleased with the results! No grass, no barnacles, and only a thin coating of slime, which easily wipes off with a scotch pad! Even in areas where the paint is worn off, and the underwater light lenses, are free of growth! These are excellent results, especially considering that we have been at anchor for most of the past five weeks rather than underway almost every day as in the first part of our cruise.

Don Payzant

Beneteau 343
Little River, South Carolina

Quite honestly I have been extremely pleased with the operation of my transducers mounted on my boat. Even the diver who regularly inspects my boat and changes my zincs is amazed by the effectiveness of these. Since installing them last spring I’ve had virtually no growth or slime on the bottom of my boat.


Ultra-SoniTec, LLC

Exclusive North American Distributor for CleanAHull ™  Ultrasonic Antifouling System

Contact:  Marc Bailey

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