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Fouling Meaning

Marine fouling consists of micro (small) and large (macro) organisms that attach firmly to underwater marine surfaces such as boat hulls and create a bio mass that is called bio-fouling or just plain “fouling”. It all starts with marine bacteria, diatoms, and algae (micro fouling) attaching to surfaces and creating a slime layer. This is the beginning of the fouling food chain onto which barnacles, tube worms, and plants (macro fouling) can them attach, feed, and grow, creating a full-fledged fouling neighborhood.

It robs boats of speed, range, fuel, and owner’s money, not to mention the continual inconvenience of dealing with boat hull maintenance.

Antifouling Meaning

Antifouling is the technology of preventing fouling from accumulating on boat hulls. In history, the Vikings tried using pitch on their hulls and antifouling technologies evolved through the ages to today’s incredible ultrasonic antifouling technology.

Antifouling History and Trends

 Antifouling Historical Progression 
   Pitch (resin with no copper) 
   Copper Paint with TBT (tributyltin) 
   Copper Paint without TBT 
   Ablative (wears off) Paint (no copper) 
   Banning of Ablative Paint 
   Ultrasonic Antifouling

Effectiveness of the Antifouling System
   Not very Effective
   Best - but toxic
   Not as good as Copper Sheets
   Not very effective when Docked
   No Good Solution
   Great Solution - Safe - 100% Green

Ultrasonic Antifouling Explained

Ultrasonic antifouling technology is the process of destroying the microbial growth (micro fouling) at the cellular level. Rupturing the cell walls of the micro-fouling organisms prevents the basic elements of the fouling food chain from attaching to your hull. If the beginning of the food chain doesn’t develop, then the macro fouling can’t attach and grow on your hull. With ultrasonic antifouling technology, your hull is turned into an ultrasonic wave generator that protects your hull from fouling.

It Works! Proven Advanced Technology For Your Vessel!
Ultrasonic Antifouling is not new, it’s been used for years in industrial and large ship applications. Technology advancements now make it feasible for boats of all sizes and all types, including workboats and military vessels.  

Ultrasonic Antifouling Provides Protection for:

Props and Shafts

Sea Chests
IPS Drives
Jet Drives
Raw Water Intakes

Ultrasonic Antifouling Is Green Technology!
Highly effective antifouling substances such as TBTO (Tri Butyl Tin Oxide) have been outlawed due to the toxic effects on the marine environment. Copper based antifouling coatings are now under attack and have already been outlawed in some states. Now there’s an alternative…ULTRASONIC ANTIFOULING! Totally safe for the marine environment!