per Quad or Dual System  --  Buy 2 Quad Systems and Save $1,000

Complete and Submit for $500 Discount

How Discount Coupon Program Works

The Ultra-SoniTec Discount Program is designed to provide additional savings to our valued customers.  The Discount is subject to specified restrictions, which are subject to change at any time.  It's Simple:

Step 1:    Complete (fill-in) and Submit Form

Step 2:    You will be provided a Message showing the Discount Coupon Code that can be entered in the Shopping Cart - Checkout process under Discount code.

Step 3:    The Discount is for each qualifying system as listed below:

CleanAHull Dual        H2oBioSonic Dual

CleanAHull Quad        H2oBioSonic Quad

So what does that mean - if your boat requires 2 CleanAHull Quad systems and 1 CleanAHull Dual system then you have just SAVED $1,500   -   WOOHOO...

Expiration Date on Discount Code is the date shown in the Discount Coupon Code provided to you when you clicked Submit.  (Ex: 500-09302020 is September 30, 2020)

Congratulations and Thank You for considering   Ultra-SoniTec !!