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How the Referral Program Works

The Ultra-SoniTec Referral Program is designed so Friends and Boaters can proudly introduce the Ultra-SoniTec solution to other Boat Owners to help them save money and minimize one of the biggest hassles of boat ownership - fouling.  At the same time, the Referral Program provides an easy way to make money for yourself or a Marine Charity.  The Referral Fee is subject to specified restrictions, which are subject to change at any time.  Let's get started explaining how it works:

Step 1:    Complete (fill-in) and Submit Form

Step 2:    You will be provided a Message showing the Referral Code that will be the Referral ID for this particular Referral.  Each Referral you make will have its own distinct Referral ID.

Step 3:    After submitting a Referral, the Ultra-SoniTec Team will review our database to verify that Referral has not previously been submitted.  This will done by checking the submitted Boat Owners Email against existing Boat Owner Emails in Ultra-SoniTec's database.  An email will be sent to you within 5 days if the submitted Boat Owners Email has already been submitted and therefore declined. The Boat Owners Email is distinct in the database and Referral Fees will be distributed based on completion of a Purchase connected to the Boat Owners Email.

Step 4:    The Referral Fee will be distributed via check on the 15th of each month for the previous months Referral Activity.  If you selected for the distribution to be made to yourself then the check will be mailed to the name and address you provided and if you selected for the distribution to go to a selected Marine Charity then the distribution will be mailed to the designated Marine Charity and you will receive a statement reflecting such distributions.

Congratulations and Thank You for participating in   Ultra-SoniTec's Referral Program !!