Ultra-SoniTec's Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems

The system fails to power on
Check in-line fuse is OK. Check Battery voltage is OK. Check the positive and negative cables are connected to the correct pole. Check the LCD connector inside the unit is connected (remove in-line fuse before removing control module front).
Transducer wasn’t clicking when I checked it
Check closer to the transducer. Ensure the system is turned on and there is no errors displaying on the screen. If problem persists switch the unit off and remove the in-line fuse, then check the termination of the corresponding transducer wires inside the module, being careful to follow the polarity coloring. If persistent ensure no damage to cables.
LCD Error Status Explained
-       CHECK INT FUSES - Check Internal Fuses, inside the enclosure resides a fuse for each transducer output. The Transducer Fuses screen will indicate the fuse requiring replacement, replace with the same rated fuse (10A)
-        LOW BATTERY - The system is in Low Battery mode, check your battery charger is operating / check your battery is OK.
-        OVER TEMPERATURE - The system is experiencing an over temperature situation, ensure the local environment is cooled. If the error continues consider moving the module to a cooler location in your vessel.
-        OVER VOLT - The input voltage is above the specified input range. Fix this immediately. Check your battery charging system.
-        PSU ERROR - There is a Power Supply Error within the module, turn the module off and remove the in-line fuse, check the internal fuses, wait 30 seconds before powering back on. If problem persists make contact with your local distributor.
A transducer fuse continues to blow
Check for any foreign interaction or damage to the cable for the transducer, the transducer fuse blowing can indicate a break in the cable causing a short. Ensure there is no frayed wires across the terminals inside the control module (switch off and remove the in-line fuse before opening the module).
I get over temperature errors often
Typically the system should never enter Over Temperature state, this usually indicates the chosen location of the module in the vessel is in a hot environment. Try controlling the temperature in the immediate area or moving the control module to a cooler location.
I get over volt errors often
The over volt state is achieved when the input voltage exceeds 30VDC. This indicates your charge circuitry is providing too high a voltage. Check your engine charge function and battery chargers / solar charge regulators immediately. While in over volt there will be no Ultrasonic Protection.
I get low battery errors often
It is important that a good steady battery supply is provided, check your battery charger and battery function, ensure no other high drain accessories are sharing the same power supply and potentially causing a low voltage while they are on. While there is a low battery error present there will be no ultrasonic protection.
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