H2oBioSonic Quad

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Ultra-SoniTec | Ultrasonic Antifouling H2oBioSonic Quad
The H2oBioSonic systems incorporate the latest in digital electronics and the most advanced ultrasonic antifouling transducer technology available. The H2oBioSonic system produces bursts of alternating ultrasound energy using thousands of specific frequencies. The energy output generates microscopic bubbles which implode generating microscopic points of cavitation. The cavitation implosion has a cleansing effect and provides a constant scrubbing of the surfaces and water protected. During these implosions the cell wall of algae and other single cell bacteria and organisms is split preventing the continued growth.

H2oBioSonic also implements the !BLAST! function developed by Globatech Australia for added protection effectively increasing the output for short blasts of
energy that drastically improves the effectiveness of the scrubbing effect.

The H2oBioSonic is an environmentally friendly solution with a focus on industrial and commercial applications.

Ultrasonic Bio Antifouling technology has many benefits for industry to help combat the growth of algae and other marine fouling. Some applications include:

     • Vessel hull protection
     • Vessel running gear protection
     • Seawater piping
     • Freshwater piping
     • Heat Exchangers
     • Chiller Towers
     • Fresh and Seawater Pumping stations
     • Valves
     • Strainers
     • Water Storage Tanks / Reservoirs
     • Desalination systems
     • Algal Control in:
        • Bodies of water
        • Storage Tanks
        • and more

Ultrasonic Bio Antifouling protection with H2oBioSonic combats the common problems associated with algae and Bio Fouling:
     • Reduced maintenance requirements
     • Improved Flow
     • Improved Efficiency of Exchangers
     • Reduces Chemical requirements
     • Cleans internals of pipes
     • Maintains Valves
     • Descaling Effect
     • Destroys Algal Bloom

Package Contents

  • 1 x H2oBioSonic Quad control Module with 5m Battery Cable
  • 4 x Transducer Mounting Footprints
  • 4 x Ultrasonic Transducers each with 10m of transducer cable
  • 1 x JB-Weld Bonding Epoxy Adhesive
  • 1 x Loctite 515
  • 1 x Installation Instructions / Manual Booklet
  • 1 x In-Line Fuse Holder
  • 1 x Package of spare fuses