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Antifouling Solutions

CleanAHull Quad
CleanAHull Quad
CleanAHull Quad
CleanAHull Quad
CleanAHull Quad
CleanAHull Quad
CleanAHull Quad
CleanAHull Quad

CleanAHull Quad

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CleanAHull Dual
CleanAHull Dual
CleanAHull Dual
CleanAHull Dual
CleanAHull Dual
CleanAHull Dual
CleanAHull Dual

CleanAHull Dual



The two most important questions that must be answered...  How much is it Going to Cost and What is it Going to Do for Me...

Ultra-SoniTec's CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System typically pays for itself in less than 1 year.

Here's a good example:  On a 50' Motor Yacht in South Florida the 3 Year Savings above the Installed System Cost is typically $14,000+.      See details below:

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System Layout for Your Vessel

Providing Protection for the Hull and Running Gear

The main factors in determining the correct system and number of transducers required for ultimate protection is the hull waterline length (LWL) and the beam of the vessel, as well as the Running Gear that is desired to be protected.  Our CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System can protect the following items:



Props and Shafts




IPS Drives

Jet Drives

Sea Chests

Raw Water Intakes


Swim Platforms

The CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling Transducers are installed in strategic locations throughout the inside of your vessels hull to provide the best transference of ultrasonic energy into the hull.  The locations of the transducers on the hull are based upon a 15-20 foot diameter for each transducer.   The transducers energy is then dissipated out into the water at a 180° arc from the hull itself providing bio fouling protection. The transducers are also epoxied directly to or in the vicinity of the Running Gear to be protected.  Ultra-SoniTec can provide guidance to placement of the transducers for the various types of Running Gear.  Ultrasonic transference is best through solid objects and there will be some attenuation (loss of energy) when ultrasound attempts to transfer to parts or items that have materials (such as gaskets, stringers, etc) that attenuate the ultrasonic waves.

During installation there is no through hull drilling required. Our systems can be installed without removing the vessel from the water.  Some vessels have Cored Hulls and require an additional step during installation to assure adequate protection.

Please contact Ultra-SoniTec for assistance with your System Layout or click on the Request a System Layout button below and complete and submit the form to have Ultra-SoniTec provide a System Layout of your vessel along with a quote.

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Most Advanced Antifouling System
Best Value
15+ Years of Proven Technology

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Diver Cost is Essentially Eliminated


Extends Haulouts Intervals


Extends Paints Life by 2-3 Times

Prevents Banacles, and Marine Growth

Reduces Operating Costs - Saves Fuel

Fast Pay Back (typically less than 1 year)

Increases Speed and Maneuveerability

Environmentally and Marine Life Friendly

Easy In-Water Installation

More Time Using Your Boat - Less Inconvenience of Scheduling Divers - Haulots - Etc.

Several Features that CleanAHull has that most Competitors Do Not:

Eco Mode - solar & wind power sources

Standard Mode - normal operations

Boost Mode - more agressive output

LCD Display - Status & Troubleshooting

Smart Technology Managing Current

Smart Technology - Self Calibrating

50 Watts peak output per Transducer

Blast Function Algorithms - more protection

Sleep Mode - temp. shut down - auto restart