Warranty for CleanAHull (Globatech)

Ultra-SoniTec's Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems

Globatech Australia products are warranted for a period of 24 months against faulty materials and/or workmanship from date of sale subject to the following terms and conditions:
• The goods must be installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and instructions set out within this guide.
• In the event of a claim the goods are returned to the manufacturer with a copy of the merchant invoice.
• In the event of a claim any associated expenses including but not limited to; diagnosis, removal, and/or installation of the goods is the responsibility of the client/purchaser including any freight costs.
• The warranty shall be void where the goods have been used for a purpose for which they are not intended, or altered in any way that is detrimental, or opened or tampered with by an unauthorized party, or damaged by mechanical abuse, or damaged by transient voltages, or damaged by over voltage, or contaminated by water or other substances, or damaged by incorrect application.
• Save and except for the express warranty set out above and to the maximum extent permitted by law, all conditions and warranties which may at any time be implied by the common law, Trade Practices Act, Fair Trading Act or any other State or Federal Act are excluded. To the extent that these cannot be excluded and where the law permits, the manufacturer in respect of any such condition or warranty shall be limited at their option to the repair or the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods or refunding the cost of the goods . 


Due to the nature of the vessels this product is installed in, there may be confined spaces (ie. in the bottom of
“bilge” of a boat). There may be residual fuel or other fumes in this space so extreme care and safety must be exercised at all times. During the installation of this system you may be in a claustrophobic environment, we advise that an observer/assistant is with you at all times when you undertake this installation.

You will need to know a few skills if you are to correctly perform the installation yourself. It would be beneficial to have experience with;
*     Sanding
*     Drilling
*     Familiarity with mixing and handling of epoxy bonding resins and glues and their application process
*     A moderate understanding of electronics including your vessels configuration.

The success of this product is directly proportional to the quality of the installation.

If you are unsure if you are capable of performing the installation or have any questions, concerns or doubts about what is mentioned here or the procedure outlined for the actual installation in this user manual we advise you contact us or employ an installer or shipwright/marine electrician to perform the installation for you.

Globatech Australia can take no responsibility for a defective installation, nor injury or damage to persons or property.

IMPORTANT: Read this manual in it’s entirety prior to commencing any of the installation process.

Purchasers Obligation
It is the Purchaser/Vessel owner/Skippers/Engineers responsibility to regularly check on the operation of the CleanAHull System to ensure it is operating correctly and the Ultrasonic Protection is active.
Vessels should be operated regularly to facilitate the removal of dead algae and bio fouling.

Anti foul / Bottom Paint Coatings
Follow Manufacturers instructions thoroughly to ensure correct adhesion and longevity of the coating. 

Product Registration

Please head to http://CleanAHull.com/Register to register your product for Warranty and other information.
CleanAHull has a team of technicians ready to assist any of your questions or concerns about the ownership of your CleanAHull system.