Ultra-SoniTec's Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems

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How Configuration Layout and Quote Works

The Ultra-SoniTec Team is positioned to provide Antifouling Solutions by engineering Configuration Layouts and Quotes. These Layouts and Quotes will typically include a Premium and Economical Approach to provide you the best value for your particular needs.  The Quote Terms will be included in the actual Quote.  Please bear-in-mind that Ultra-SoniTec is the exclusive Distributor in North American for CleanAHull (World's Best Antifouling System) but there is no Antifouling System that can protect all fouling.  There are numerous variables that impact the extent of fouling on a particular boat, as well as the effectiveness of Antifouling systems. Ultra-SoniTec will make every effort to provide you with a viable Antifouling Solution that will not only save you money but also improve your Boating Quality of Life by minimizing the inconveniences and headaches associated with managing Hull and Discrete Equipment Fouling Protection and other maintenance considerations.

Value Proposition

Savings Pay for System in less that 1 year

(based on typical configuration and install)

  • Prevents Algae - Barnacles - Weed Growth
  • Saves Money on Hulls Divers Cleaning
  • Extends Paint Life and Haul Out Intervals
  • Saves Fuel and Extends Range
  • Increases Speed and Improves Handling
  • Antifouling for Drivers - Water Intakes - Sea Chests
  • Green Technology - Protects Environment
  • Improves Quality of Life - Less Headaches
  • More Boat Usage - Less Downtime

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