How Ultrasonic Antifouling Works

The Problem and Meaning of Fouling

Any vessel exposed to seawater needs to be protected from biofouling. The buildup of weed, algae, barnacles, plant matter and other marine fouling drastically effects efficiency of hulls / running gear and as a consequence the fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. 

Marine fouling consists of micro (small) and large (macro) organisms that attach firmly to underwater marine surfaces such as boat hulls and create a bio mass that is called bio-fouling or just plain “fouling”. It all starts with marine bacteria, diatoms, and algae (micro fouling) attaching to surfaces and creating a slime layer. This is the beginning of the fouling food chain onto which barnacles, tube worms, and plants (macro fouling) can them attach, feed, and grow, creating a full-fledged fouling neighborhood. It robs boats of speed, range, fuel, and owner’s money, not to mention the continual inconvenience of dealing with boat hull maintenance.

Ultra-SoniTec is not here to just promote our Benefits and Features - we are providing Solutions to an obvious Problem that utilizes a Strong Value Proposition that is supported by our Benefits and Features. Ultra-SoniTec has the right mix of Affordability - Quick Return on Investment - Easy Installation (DYI) - 100% Eco-Friendly - and IT WORKS...       
Finally an Antifouling System that really works.

Benefits of an Ultrasonic Antifouling Solution

Prevents Algae, Barnacles, and Weed Growth 
The ultrasonic wave created along the surface of the hull disrupts the cellular structure of micro fouling organisms (diatoms, marine bacteria, and algae) that collect on the hull. By disrupting the food chain, macro fouling organisms (barnacles, tube worms, and weeds) are prevented from adhering to the hull.

Let's Talk - Inconvenience - Quality of Life
The inconvenience of maintaining a fouled hull without Ultra-SoniTec's CleanAHull solution has a tremendous impact on Boat Owner's and their guests Quality of Life. Boats are purchased to provide pleasure, relaxation, entertainment, etc. The last thing a Boat Owner wants is to be inconvenienced waiting on a diver to scrape and scrub their hull so they can take their guests out to enjoy the open waters. This is HUGE - with an Ultra-SoniTec Antifouling Solution you get to Live Life without the interference of constantly maintaining your hull.

More Time Using Your Boat 
Fewer haul outs and time cleaning the bottom. If you do it yourself, means more time on the water.

Fast Pay Back - No Brainer  
With the fuel savings, eliminated diver cleaning, extended antifouling paint life, and extended haul out intervals, owners are experiencing fast investment payback - some as quickly as 8 months.

Saves Money - Reduces Operating Costs
Reduces cost of operations through lower fuel consumption, eliminates diver costs, and extends haul out intervals and paint life.

Reduces Maintenance Costs 
Boat ownership cost only starts with the purchase price. Maintenance plays a major role in post-purchase expenses. CleanAHull works constantly to reduce your maintenance costs.

Diver Hull Cleaning Visits and Cost is essentially Eliminated 
By keeping the hull constantly clean, diver hull cleaning is a thing of the past.

Extends Haul Out Intervals
Because the bottom paint is not being removed by fouling and frequent diver scraping and scrubbing, your antifouling paint lasts longer and haul out frequency is reduced.

Extends Paint Life for Hull Hard Bottom (6-8 years)
Paint life is extended because it is not subjected to constant scraping and scrubbing, and degradation from fouling organisms.

Saves Fuel  
When the hull is fouled it takes up to 30% more fuel to operate. Fouling growth on the hull increases the coefficient of friction and reduces the hydrodynamics of the boat. Only 1 millimeter of slime increases the coefficient of friction by 75%! CleanAHull maintains a clean hull so the boat glides through the water easily.

Increases Speed and Maneuverability  
Your boat’s performance is designed and dependent on a clean hull, free of fouling. CleanAHull maintains your boat hull so it will perform and attain the speeds it was designed to do.  It also improves the maneuverability.

Keeps Sea Chests Clean of Fouling and Raw Water Intakes Open  
A major headache of sea chests is fouling inside the chest and intakes. Simply mount a CleanAHull transducer on the sea chest and fouling is eliminated.  In addition, raw water intakes can be restricted by fouling growth. CleanAHull keeps the intakes clean and maintains water flow.

Solves IPS Drive Fouling  
One of the major drawbacks of IPS drives is the fouling issues, which can severely impede proper operation. CleanAHull transducers mounted directly to the IPS drive transmission solves the fouling problems and keeps your IPS drive functioning properly.

Solves Jet Drive Fouling
Fouling inside the jet drive ducts and the pump impellers is almost impossible to remove without disassembly. CleanAHull keeps the interior jet drive system clear of fouling.

Protects the Environment
CleanAHull Advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling technology is a totally green technology. It does not introduce any foreign materials and toxins into the marine environment. By extending the life of antifouling paints, it reduces their toxic effects on the environment as well. Reducing fuel consumption and extending range lessens hydrocarbon usage and reduces the carbon footprint of boat ownership.

Easy In-Water Installation 
Because CleanAHull is bonded to the interior surface of the hull with no hull penetrations, it can be installed while the boat is in the water. There is no need to haul out for installation.

Suitable for Most Hull Materials  
Works great on fiberglass, steel, and aluminum hulls.


 Simple Installation
Years of Development and testing results in the most effective and easiest mounting process. Simplifying the installation process with our patented Marine Grade Anodized Aluminium mounting system.

Advanced Smarts - LCD Display
LCD Display for up to the second status! Including Current, Voltage, Output Status’s and more!

Multiple Input Voltage  - 12VDC or 24VDC
Low voltage input for safety, durability, reliability and simplicity. System will automatically handle either 12V or 24V. 

Active Self Monitoring
Active Current, Voltage, Output, Temperature and more monitoring. With instant compensation and automatically variable output control.
 !BLAST! Function
CleanAHull’s proprietary !BLAST! Function for vastly improved protection. Another industry leading improvement by GLOBAtech Australia.

Temperature Compensation
Dynamic, multi point, temperature monitoring and control for longest available operating life and enhanced vessel protection. 

Multiple Output Options
CleanAHull is available in a Double (2 Transducer) and a Quad (4 Transducer) models. With multi channel output you can choose from 2 or 4 Transducer output models.

Advanced Transducer Design
In-house designed and developed transducer for improved efficiency and up to 30% more output for the same or less power consumption than the competition transducers. IP68 Rated, flame retardant, electrically isolated PVC Enclosure.

Lexan Front Label
Simple to use press buttons, easy to clean high quality Lexan front label providing IP65 Rating. 

Low Power Consumption and Battery Monitoring
Protection without draining your power!  Our Ultrasonic Protection device uses very little power to protect your hull from sea growth. 

Quality Circuitry Design and Development
Only the highest quality components are used in Globatech products. 

Safety First
Our units are designed with safety in mind. Temperature protection, Independent Output Control and Current Monitoring
are just a few of the Safety Features built in! 

Automatic Calibration
The CleanAHull system utilizes a plethora of sensors and an advanced algorithm to actively calibrate the output.

 Designed and Made in Australia
Australian Ingenuity, design and manufacturing. 

 We Built It, We Support It
The manufacturer stands by their system. Unlike other Ultrasonic Antifouling systems being sold, our systems are designed, built and tested in house.

2 Year Warranty
Unlike any other system available, we stand by our product with a 2 Year RTB warranty.  Australian Made Quality  

Where Ultrasonic Antifouling Works

Marine Sector

Party on the Decks - Don't let Barnacles Party on Your Hull - Use Ultra-SoniTec's Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems.

Industrial Sector

Party on the Decks - Don't let Barnacles Party on Your Hull - Use Ultra-SoniTec's Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems.

Ultra-SoniTec LLC provides a wide array of Ultrasonic Antifouling Protection Solutions that includes both the Marine and Industrial Sectors.

Within the Marine Sector, Ultra-SoniTec has provided solutions to Boats and Yachts of all sizes. Anywhere a boat is subjected to Fouling or Marine Growth then Ultra-SoniTec provides a solution with a strong value proposition and quick payback on investment.

Applications within the Marine Sector:













Within the Industrial Sector, Ultra-SoniTec is developing and providing solutions utilizing CleanAHull's advanced ultrasound antifouling technology.

The CleanAHull (Ultrasonic Antifouling Protection System) is an advanced Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) which uses advanced Ultrasonic Frequencies to destroy marine growth / fouling from all surfaces and internal piping which reside within or carry seawater or freshwater. The CleanAHull is an environmentally friendly alternative to cathodic systems and as it has a much longer operational life with no servicing/replacement parts required there is a outstanding cost savings.

The CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System comes in a specialized industrial version with all of the smarts and the configuration adaption from the factory for each individual application. From Commercial Charter Vessels, Freight Carriers, Ocean Liners, Platforms and Rigs, Desalination Plants, Power Plants, Seawater Intakes, Algae Control and more.

The CleanAHull Industrial Ultrasonic Antifouling System is a very versatile solution, with the transducers capable of being submerged to depth and operate under the harshest conditions. It is also serviceable and operates on safe input voltages. Each Ultrasonic Anti-fouling Industrial system is suited to the application and can even be programmed to operate however the application requires. As we are the manufacturer, the supplier and the support.

Applications within the Industrial Sector:









Suitability and Considerations

Suitable for Most Hull Materials:
Steel Construction
Steel Construction vessels work well with Ultrasonic Antifouling. Ultrasonic transference into the hull is very effective given the density of the material.

Aluminum Construction
Aluminum construction lends itself very well to Ultrasonic Antifouling. Ultrasound signal travels very fast and well through Aluminum.

GRP Glass Re-enforced Fiber Construction
The most popular pleasure craft construction material works well with Ultrasonic Antifouling. Fiber Glass has a very dense and hard final construction which allows transference of the Ultrasonic signal.

 Zero Detrimental Effect
There is zero detrimental effect to any type of hull construction or vessel. Ultrasonic Antifouling transducers are not capable of causing any damage, Ultrasound is very safe. Ultrasonic Transducers also are incapable of causing Electrolysis.

Foam Core Fiber Glass Construction
Consideration should be given to vessels with Foam or Balsa Core GRP. The nature of Ultrasonic Antifouling requires that the Ultrasonic signal needs to be passing through the outer layer of the hull, IE if there is an inner center of foam the Ultrasonic signal will not successfully reach the outer layer. The way to rectify this issue is to place the Transducer(s) in a location where both the outboard and inboard layers of GRP are bonded together. As this is usually done in only a few locations it may be necessary, for correct transducer location, to have a shipwright route out a small section of the inboard layer then prepare and fiberglass the inboard layer to the outboard layer in that location to restore the strength and seal the foam core. After this the transducer can be installed as per normal into this location.

Wood & Ferro Cement Hulls
Ultrasonic Antifouling will not work on Wooden or Ferro Cement Vessel construction, both of these construction methods to not have the density to support consistent throughput of Ultrasonic signal.

Antifoul Coatings
Ultrasonic Antifouling is what we like to refer to as an Extender of the existing Anti Fouling Coating when used on Hull’s. While Ultrasonic Antifouling is very effective it is necessary to have Antifoul Coatings on your hull. For three main reasons;

      1.  Antifoul Coatings when properly applied utilize epoxy primers that provide a waterproofing membrane for the vessel.
      2. The nature of an Electronic Antifouling device such as Ultrasonic Antifouling requires a consistent power supply to       
           ensure protection, should there be an intermittent outage or similar the Antifoul Coating will be there to provide       
           some protection until a power state is restored.
      3. Ultrasonic Antifouling is most effective as an extender, typically extending the life of existing Anti Fouling by 3 times or 
           more it’s expected life.